Seriously Hoping To "Sell My House Fast"

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Published: 06th November 2012
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A great number of web-sites abound on the Internet delivering advice to those United Kingdom individuals who are thinking: "I want to sell my house fast." That's exactly what I was looking to do when I decided to sell my house. The First thing I did was too look into the money I would save by not using a UK real estate agent. Spending between from 1% to 3.5% of the price tag of a property plus VAT, where Londoners paying more, a UK estate agency service may cost me some much money with their commission rates. By using online estate agents who tend to cost even less, I could save an extra half percent or so on the commission percentage. After contemplating the saving vs the stress as well as the quantity of time I would end up spending on research, research, research, preparing and enhancing my home and its surrounding grounds, designing and placing advertisements most importantly on the web at Property Portals as well as "For Sale" Boards. I would also need to make use of other marketing ideas like a sale board outside my house. I would also be talking with potential buyers and deciding how serious they are, planning appointments and showing my home, finding a solicitor who will handle the actual legal course of action of selling my property, and finally the negotiations, which are understandably the most stressful aspect of the complete process, I proclaimed I would attempt a private sale. As I am perusing the work that needs to be accomplished I am pondering whether I am making the right decision.

Ultimately, ideal estate agents can help you save a private home seller time and anxiety. Working with the seller, the agent establishes an asking price and a timeframe. By evaluating and finding out the market for a particular type of property, its price range, and location, estate agents can more easily target the most desirable long run buyers. Expect to pay extra costs for any advertising you choose no matter if it's in newspapers or Property Portals on the Internet. If you are selling a highend UK home, your estate agent may also recommend that you hire a house staging agency. Freeing the seller from scheduling appointments, meeting with buyers, assessing how serious a buyer may be, and showing the house; for certain people, UK estate agents are well worth their commission fees.

From my situation I decided that I had the time to devote to do the required research to sell my property privately. Once I had contacted contacting an accredited Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA) in order to get an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), which is mandatory for any lawful UK property sale, I learned some tips for house staging. Instead of hiring a professional house stager, I worked with my great cleaning lady who helped with organizing the house including the closets, drawers, attic, basement, and the garage. I asked had some friends to help with the Internet marketing and who pitched in during the house viewing times. My solicitor dealt with all the legal contracts as well as finalizing the transaction with the buyer's solicitor. Fortunately, with some luck all my efforts paid off and I sold my house. I won't say it was easy, but I felt it was well worth the money saved and am now far more educated about the process.

Many websites abound on the Internet offering advice to those UK folks that are thinking: "I need to sell my housefast.", is one such website you have to check out when you wish to sell property in a timely manner.

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